Ardent Lawsuit Funding Services

Ardent Lawsuit Funding Services provides pre-settlement money for Canadian personal injury victims waiting for an insurance settlement. Ardent Lawsuit Funding Services is a funds procurement broker as well as a direct and a co-provider of personal injury lawsuit funding. This means we are probably better than anyone else at finding the appropriate amount of needed and deserving money for worthy accident claimants as they go through the long lawsuit process. We have a highly skilled staff that has over 18 years combined experience and expertise in funding lawsuits. In conjunction with our many co-funder partners, we can arrange and provide you with some of the largest funding available. All this, combined with one of the most competitive set of lower costs within our industry, making us the company you should always consider using for all your funding needs.

We make it fast, simple and easy for both the client and the lawyer to use our services. We offer great low rate equivalents combined with large funding amounts available. Our personal injury lawsuit funding ranges in size from a minimum of $5,000 to $30,000 or more if needed. This funding is based upon “non-recourse” terms and conditions. This means if you possibly lose your lawsuit, you owe us nothing. We give fast approvals and deliver all funding proceeds to your lawyer within 72 hours, after our quick approval process. We can advance funding to you at the legal claim stage or after your lawsuit has been filed. Ardent only provides money for quality pending personal injury lawsuits.

Ardent Lawsuit Funding Services specializes in and actually prefers funding the larger more serious long-term types of personal injury lawsuits. You must be able to provide medical evidence of your injury or permanent disabilities and all losses must be documented in order to justify the funding you receive from us. Cases should be at least a minimum of one year old and our agreements and contracts must be accepted and attached to your case file by your lawyer. As a general rule, we usually can provide a maximum funding amount equal to approximately 15% of a conservative estimate of your final settlement. The money from Ardent Lawsuit Funding Services can remove some of the financial burdens for you and your lawyer by providing additional capital, allowing you to maintain positive momentum towards a favourable resolution of your case.